Seedlings (Under 2)

Welcome to our Seedlings room. It is important that your baby or young child feels safe, secure and settled and we intend to promote this through warm, caring and trusting relationships with practitioners.

We have a firm understanding that no two routines are the same and that your child’s routine can change from week to week. A team of passionate and sensitive practitioners will work closely with you to ensure that individual routines are met.

Babies are active learners from birth and have a natural desire to explore and discover the world around them. To support and extend development, practitioners will plan a variety of sensory rich experiences that provoke your child’s growing curiosities and imagination.

For example, babies from approximately 7 months old will have the opportunity to explore and investigate our range of ‘treasure baskets’ comprising of natural and household objects.

Developing confidence, self-esteem, independence and social relationships are just a few of the skills that a growing toddler begins to acquire. Practitioners will be there to help your child ensure their life as a toddler is a positive one.

All children benefit from an environment which promotes the acquisition of language. Songs, rhymes, lullabies, stories and makaton, a simple signing system, will be introduced to support your child’s early communication and language skills.

As they become steady on their feet and bursting with energy, a toddler may choose to seek challenges of their own. Our practitioners have a good understanding of the children’s interests and use their knowledge to plan further opportunities to learn.

Let’s get messy! Babies and young children will experience the delights of messy play such as gloop (cornflour and water) and playdough on a daily basis. We consider messy play to be invaluable to children’s learning and development.

In the first year of life, precious milestones take place. Every child is unique and will experience different milestones at different times and stages of their development. Our Seedling Team will look forward to capturing these memorable moments and celebrating them with you and your child!