The Great Outdoors

The great outdoors generates an abundance of opportunities for the children to learn, develop and get messy! Space is available for the children to develop their gross motor skills using tunnels, blocks or by simply engaging in physical exercise.

There are many reasons why children require physical activity on a daily basis. Building and developing muscles, encouraging balance and coordination skills and supporting children’s understanding of a healthy lifestyle are just a few examples of the importance of physical activity and why it is fundamental to children’s development.

Young children require lots of opportunities to practice small and large movements in their arms, hands and fingers to develop early writing skills. Digging, dancing with scarves, throwing a ball and painting are just some of the experiences that practitioners will plan in the outdoor environment to support this particular area of learning.

What better way to learn about the natural world than to experience it first-hand. At Pear Tree nursery everybody will have access to the outdoor environment come rain or shine! We simply ask that you provide appropriate clothing that reflects the weather. The children can let their imaginations run wild in our very own mud kitchen! Pots, pans, spoons and much more are available for the children to create mud pies, potions and lotions. Age-appropriate risks are encouraged to help the children to develop in confidence and become resilient. By taking age appropriate risks, children begin to challenge themselves and learn what they can and can’t do.

With so much to see and do in our outdoor area, it’s not surprising that some children may need time to sit and relax! Our cosy corner offers children space to look at a book or rest. Where possible, practitioners plan opportunities to visit the local community; the library, park, post office and church.