Saplings (12 months – 2 years)

Developing confidence, self-esteem, independence and social relationships are just a few of the skills that a growing toddler begins to acquire. Our Saplings Team will be there to help your child ensure their life as a toddler is a positive one.

With support your child will benefit from our warm and responsive practitioners, your child will benefit from an environment which promotes the acquisition of language skills. Young children absorb new words and repeat them many times as they develop their communication and language skills. Repeated patterns of play become a familiar scene in a toddler’s world. How many times have you seen a child building a tower before knocking it over?

As they become steady on their feet and bursting with energy, a toddler may choose to seek physical challenges of their own; rolling, jumping, spinning and climbing! Our Saplings team has a good understanding of the children and their interests and use their knowledge to plan further opportunities to learn. An example of this may be a lively music and movement session that supports children’s physical development.

Let’s get messy! The children in our Saplings room experience the delights of messy play such as gloop (cornflour and water) jelly and custard on a daily basis. We consider messy play to be invaluable to children’s learning and development.